Ponds/Water Features

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Ponds and water gardens can be custom built to different sizes and shapes using fieldstone, tumbled stone, and boulders to create single or multi-level filtered ponds.  There are several different types of ponds to build based on what your interests may be. 

Pondless waterfalls are also a low-maintenance option for your enjoyment.  If you enjoy the crashing waterfalls and the aesthetics of a beautiful natural waterfall but do not want to worry about water clarity, cleaning your pond and general maintenance then we recommend a pondless waterfall.

Ecosystem ponds are built based on recreating the natural ecosystem that exists in real life.  Proper circulation of water, filtration, use of plants and fish are all essential elements of ecosystem ponds. 

Water must be circulated at the proper rate to insure a beautiful looking water feature as well as keeping the ecosystem in balance for the living organisms that are a part of it.  Filtration can be done through a biological filter that captures bacteria in order to filtrate out unnecessary minerals in the water. 

The use of plants and fish in an ecosystem pond is another key component to a healthy pond.  Plants live off of extra nutrients and minerals and help to maintain a balanced ecosystem.  Fish are also important to keeping the pond clean of algae. 


We serve the following areas: Harrisburg PA, Mechanicsburg PA, Carlisle PA, Hershey PA, Dillsburg PA, Gettysburg PA, Camp Hill PA and York PA. 



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